Swiss shepherd becomes surrogate mother to tiger cubs at Russian zoo

Who says dogs and cats can’t get along?

In the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia, a Swiss shepherd named Tallim has become a foster mom to three Siberian tiger cubs who were abandoned by their mother after being born at a local zoo.

As viewers of the video can see, Tallim is taking this peculiar partnership as seriously as if the cubs were her own; and the adorable–though at times testy–cubs seem appreciative of the sustenance and affection.

The partnership was arranged in advance because the cubs’ biological mother, Bagira, had abandoned a previous set of cubs and a different dog, a Shar Pei, was brought in to serve as a surrogate mother.

ITV News reports that Tallim was enlisted via an advertisement campaign launched by the Oktyabrsky Zoo.

Remarkably, Tallim adopted the cubs without hesitation, even though she’s pregnant. Because of her condition, however, zookeepers are supplementing the cubs’ diet with goat milk, to allow Tallim periodic breaks from nursing.

The two male baby tigers are named Dar and Olymp, while the female cub is named Talli, after her mother.