Texas game warden makes unusual deer rescue

deer rescue

Texas game warden came up with a clever way to free these two bucks. Photo is a screen grab from the video

A Texas game warden came to the rescue of two bucks that were trapped in an unusual way--both deer had their antlers tangled in the same nylon rope and were pulling against each other around the pole of a clothesline in the backyard of someone's house.

The unidentified Texas game warden in Comal County used a clever strategy to free the animals, which were thrashing about with their survival in jeopardy:

The Texas game warden strategically drove his vehicle up to the clothesline pole, climbed atop the hood of his vehicle "so I don't get gored," and reached down and cut the nylon rope to set the two bucks free.

The deer then ran off no worse for wear.

"Nice job warden," wrote one commenter on the Texas Parks and Wildlife YouTube channel.

"Above and beyond! Good job," wrote another.


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