Texas off-roader survives double lightning strike


A Texas off-road racing enthusiast says he’s “going to start going to church more” after surviving not one but two lightning strikes Saturday at an event near Dallas Fort-Worth.

Casey Wagner was attending the Rednecks with Paychecks off-roading festival when severe weather rolled in and participants sought cover.

Wagner ended up under a tree with the father of a friend and after the initial strike, which brought Wagner to his knees, a second bolt struck.

His friend’s father was standing five feet away and not hit. Wagner was rushed to the hospital, where he was released after a checkup with—and this is remarkable—only a slight tingling sensation.

He told CBS/DFW: “When I got hit, it was just two big ol’ flashes and then sparks went everywhere.”

Electricity from the double-strike coursed upward from his right boot, into his chest, and out of his left wrist, where a slight discoloration remains.

He said he briefly lost feeling in his lower right leg, and that his heart skipped a beat or two. Doctors kept him hospitalized until all vital signs were regular.

He considers it a miracle that he was not killed or seriously injured.

“I’ve got all the feeling back,” he said on Sunday. “It just feels like my whole body is waking up from … like if your arm falls asleep, that’s how my whole body feels.”

Wagner gave credit to God for keeping him alive and said, “I can tell you one thing, I’m going to start going to church more.”

Rednecks with Paychecks is a four-day festival in which off-roaders camp and ride on more than 1,000 acres of muddy trails. Wagner said he’ll go to the next event, but only if severe weather is not in the forecast.

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