The Kona Ironman World Championships ready for this weekend on the Big Island of Hawaii

If you are a competitive triathlete, there is no bigger day in triathlons than the Kona Ironman World Championships. That day has come for 1,800 people who are set to compete this weekend on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Triathletes spend years training to qualify for the chance to put their bodies through one of the most difficult challenges known to man. 1,800 “lucky” people get to test themselves with a 2.4-miles of swimming, 112-miles of biking, and a 26.2-mile marathon run through tough ocean waves, and challenging lava-covered terrain.

If somehow your one of the select number of people who can actually complete these distances you’ll still need to either be very lucky and get yourself a spot through the lottery, or very talented, and win yourself a qualifying spot at one of the qualifying events held around the world.

One of the baddest athletes on the planet is Chris McCormack, an Australian known affectionately to the triathlon community as Macca. McCormack won the 2007 Ironman World Championships in Kona after 6 attempts at the race coming as close as second, within 2 minutes of the winner, in 2006. He again won the Ironman World Championships in 2010.

He’s a rare combination of a champion and a true ambassador for his sport.

Check out this video he did for Clif Bar on winning championships and the future of Triathlons.