This cat takes better GoPro selfies than you

When you're mid-selfie and your song comes on… 😹📸 #selfiecat #leanback

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Manny the cat may not have opposable thumbs but that doesn’t stop the selfie-loving kitty from taking GoPro action shots.

The cat’s Instagram account follows him around while he rides a snow skateboard, pals around with two rottweilers and plays around in the snow.

His photography skills are pretty impressive and have earned him more than 70,000 Instagram followers.

While he may not be able to double-tap, the kitty sure knows his best angle.

😼📸 #selfiecat #GoPro

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

Hopefully the selfie-cat has plans to try out other action sports, since it seems like he’s already nailed using a GoPro.

Goooooood Morning! 📸😹 #selfiecat #squad #gopro #pitbull #rottweiler

A photo posted by @yoremahm on

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