Thoughtless people take fawn from desert into a bar; video report

People thinking they were doing something good picked up a 3-day-old fawn they found bedded down in the desert and took it into a bar in Salome, Arizona, essentially "kidnapping” it from its mother and putting an end to its life in the wild.

Fawns are born without scent to protect them from predators, so mother deer will leave their young ones bedded down while they search for food. Such was likely the case in Arizona. CBS Phoenix has the story:

Someone from the bar called Arizona Game and Fish Department to report that people had a fawn at the bar. The people later took it home, where wildlife officials came and picked it up.

“Unfortunately, people will find baby wildlife in the field and they’ll think it’s abandoned when it’s not,” Wildlife Education manager Mike Demlong told CBS Phoenix. “The mother will stash it there for safety purposes, but if you remove it from the wild, it can’t go back."

In a Facebook post, the Arizona Game and Fish Department wrote that it "took in this 3-day-old deer fawn kidnapped from its mother. It is healthy, but because of one person’s thoughtless act, it is now destined to a life in captivity."

The fawn, taken from the desert by ignorant people, will now live its life in a wildlife sanctuary. Photo: Courtesy of Arizona Game and Fish Department

The baby deer was being cared for and will survive but will live the rest of its life in a wildlife sanctuary, according to Valley News Live.

Dozens of wild animals have been taken out of the wilderness by ignorant people this year in a trend that is growing in Arizona, according to CBS.

“A lot of people think wildlife would make great pets,” Kellie Tharp of Game and Fish told CBS. “We like to say let’s keep wildlife wild.”

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