Tim Knoll, a BMX urban freestyle virtuoso, reveals incredible trick-riding talent in new video

Tim Knoll once said that trick BMX riding amid an urban landscape has served as “a refuge from the occasional discontent I feel by living in our artificial society.” The result of the Milwaukee athlete’s discontent–which has translated into years of practice–has enabled him to perform tricks that are simply astounding. His latest video, uploaded Tuesday, reveals the extent to which he has developed this blend of flatland and urban freestyle riding into an art form.

Flatland riding, which entails no jumping or rail-grinding, is a lot like break-dancing on a bicycle. In recent years, Knoll has begun to incorporate urban features, such as basketball hoops, parked big-rig trucks, and warehouse yards used in his latest production.

We have a feeling that if this type of riding were an X Games discipline, Knoll would be a star beyond this niche universe and perhaps even a gold medalist. But then, what would become of the rider’s discontent?