Tourists in tunnel narrowly avoid death by oncoming train; video

A lifeguard frantically waved his arms in an attempt to alert an engineer of a passing train that two people were walking in the railway tunnel.

Ray Cunningham, 23, told the BBC he “feared the worst” when the two tourists from the Republic of Ireland entered the tunnel in Downhill Strand in Northern Island.

“Obviously alarm bells started ringing,” Cunningham told the BBC. “I made my way to the tunnel entrance, took a quick look around to see if I could see them. Then I noticed the train going down the tracks at quite a speed, so I immediately started waving for the train to stop.

“I knew that these people were in the tunnel and I was freaking out. At the time I was expecting the worst and then out of the darkness the couple started stumbling towards me and that was a massive relief.

“There’s no recesses in that tunnel so there is nowhere to really hide. From what I can see in the video they just dived to the ground and hoped for the best.”

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The incident occurred in July 2015, but the video was just released Tuesday by Translink Northern Ireland Railways as part of a campaign to raise awareness over the risk of trespassing onto railroad tracks.

The Daily Mail reported that between April and August this year there was more than one incident a day involving pedestrians taking risks on railroad tracks.

In the video, Cunningham, a lifeguard from a nearby beach who had been making a final scan of the area, is shown off to the side waving before the train enters the tunnel. It then shows the couple rushing off the tracks inside the tunnel.

“It was two people between 40 and 50-years-old,” Cunningham told the BBC.

“When I talked to them they said that they were using it because they thought that it was abandoned or not in use.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen it happen.”

Fortunately the couple dodged death and only suffered some scratches.

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