Traffic stops for hunter delivering deer to butcher on his bike (video)

As the gentleman who shot this crazy video says (and writes), only in Iron Mountain, Michigan, will you find a man taking his deer to the processor on a bike. Seriously, hunter Dave Moraska put the whitetail deer he shot recently on his back, climbed onto his bike, and pedaled two miles through traffic to a butcher. The wild ride, which literally stopped traffic (watch for the black truck), was captured on YouTube by Jason Asselin, who assures the deer is real. You’ll only need a couple of minutes to digest what will perhaps be one of the oddest things you’ll ever see in traffic:

Apparently, Moraska makes this trek after each successful deer season. Why? We can only assume it’s for the exercise–and the attention, of course.

“David does this once a year; he contacted me to say that was the day,” Asselin says in a comment under the video. “A few did offer [to give him a ride], but he won’t accept. He loves doing it. Not bad for 58, huh?”

Well, uh, we suppose so, though using a truck would have been our choice of transportation. points out that Iron Mountain, located approximately 100 miles north of Green Bay, Wisconsin, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, is famous for native sons Steve Mariucci, the former NFL coach, and Tom Izzo, the current Michigan State basketball coach.

Now, to a lesser degree, Iron Mountain will also be known for Dave Moraska, the man you will find once a year taking his deer to the butcher on a bike.