Trapeze artist performs while hanging from a paraglider at 2,000 feet in French Alps

What do you get when you mix Cirque du Soleil with action sports? You get a trapeze artist performing aerial moves while hanging from a paraglider 2,000 feet above Annecy Lake in the French Alps. With the greatest of ease, trapeze artist Roxane Gilliard performed the daring routine without a parachute but with a safety strap around her waist connected to the bar. She was connected by ropes to paraglider Gill Schneider, whose passions are the circus and paragliding.

The stunt was performed sometime last year but the resulting video—"Paragliding Circus"—never went viral, so Barcroft Media revived the story this week with interviews, and it has begun spreading across the Internet. Watch the incredible video:

French filmmaker Adrien Nisan, aka Shams, flew alongside Gilliard in tandem with another paraglider and captured the amazing video.

"I was flying backwards; I was attached to the pilot on his back so I could shoot behind me," Nisan told Barcroft Media. "This is how we have these spectacular shots."

Shots you probably never dreamed of ever seeing.