TV news reporter flattens kid on a skateboard at Tampa camp

Skateboarders are a tough breed, but a poor unsuspecting kid riding a ramp at a Tampa, Fla., skate camp was no match for a fully-grown TV news reporter, who trotted out onto the slick wooden apparatus and performed a leaping body slam.

It was unintentional, of course, but Charley Belcher of Fox News 13 looks to have been a fan of Wrestlemania at some point in his life.

Clearly, he was over-eager. All reporters get that way at times. Also, Belcher seemed to have forgotten the concept of what goes up, must come down.

He was at the Skate Park of Tampa, trying to interview an older, long-haired, bearded instructor named Wizard, who was standing at the opposite end of the bottom portion of the U-shaped ramp.

Belcher acknowledged before venturing out that reaching Wizard, as a dozen kids skated up and down and from wall to wall, was going to be like “human Frogger,” in reference to the 1980s video game.

It was, and Belcher and the kid lost. But the kid looks to have been uninjured, and the result was a far more entertaining news show. See for yourself: