Video of great white shark breaching ruined by untimely distraction

A cameraman spent six hours trying to get video of a great white shark when suddenly the perfect shot presented itself: A great white shark flew out of the water, attacking a decoy being dragged behind the boat. So what happens? The cameraman blows the opportunity:

Wouldn’t you know, it was at that very moment the shark began coming out of the water when the cameraman turned away to film something else, realized what was happening and turned back in time to catch the shark re-entering the water. The resulting “bleeping” on the footage is probably the cameraman lamenting the fact that he missed the perfect shot.

Truth be told, White Shark Capital will probably generate more attention with this “Great White Shark Breach FAIL” than it would have had its cameraman actually captured the entire episode, which was filmed off Gansbaai, South Africa.

So what was the distraction?

The White Shark Capital cameraman explained in the video description:

After spending 6 hours trying to get some shots of the great white sharks in Gansbaai, I was asked by another passenger on the boat “Am I going to be in the video?” I turned the camera towards him and said “Now you will” and then this happened…

Oops. As we all know, timing is everything.

The first reaction on White Shark Capital’s Facebook post about the incident? Probably the same as yours: “Haha.”