Most-viewed Facebook video ever proves People Are Awesome

The People Are Awesome post on Facebook simply says, "People did a lot of awesome stuff in the first half of 2017, here's the best videos so far!"

The video features a stunning compilation of tricks, kicks and flips from a variety of sports, including skateboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking and parkour.

After watching the five-minute video, you might agree that People Are Awesome 2017 is, well, awesome. Those on Facebook apparently do. The video just became the most-viewed Facebook video of all time with 384 million views through Monday afternoon, according to Jukin Media, which owns and operates People are Awesome.

The video, posted less than a month ago on July 28, 2017, is worth watching:

"We're thrilled with the video's performance, but not necessarily surprised," Mike Skogmo of Jukin Media told GrindTV in an email. "People Are Awesome has gained a reputation for featuring truly remarkable videos from exceptionally talented people, so we’ve come to expect an excellent response from the community.

"When the brand releases one of its tentpole 'best of the year' videos, we can pretty much count on them to perform very well."

Losing a wheel doesn’t faze this rider.

One dude did an impressive flip while performing parkour.

So, what was the most-viewed Facebook video before People Are Awesome 2017 came along? That would be the Get Clever With Your Clutter…And These 7 Organization Hacks! video from Blossom with 383 million views.

Incidentally, as of Tuesday afternoon, the People Are Awesome 2017 video had reached 386 million views and 6.1 million shares.

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