Wakeboarders use flooded car park…sans boat


Wakeboarder Jorge Gill wakeboarding in flooded car park; photo by Mark Roe used by permission

Taking advantage of heavy rains that caused flooding in Guildford, about 27 miles southwest of London, two wakeboarders—or as the Daily Mail called them, daredevils—took to the water of a flooded parking garage to enjoy their sport.


The winch used for wakeboarding in a flooded parking garage; photo by Mark Roe used by permission

And they didn't even need a boat.

Jorge Gill, 18, from London and Jack Hammersley, 24, of Surrey discovered the calm waters of the Bedford Road Car Park and enjoyed a session of wakeboarding by using a pulley system they acquired from Red Bull through a friend, Nick Mangos.

As you can see from the video, the winch is plenty fast and had no difficulty pulling the two wakeboarders, who discovered that the concrete pillars provided a nice slalom course:

So how did it all come about? Gill explained in an email to GrindTV Outdoor:

"Basically me and my friend Jack Hammersley were driving around Guildford just outside London and thought it would look cool to wakeboard in all the flood water, so we contacted Red Bull to see if they would let us use their winch. They agreed and we got going. We first started off in a flooded park using a bench as a rail. After this we found a car park with a flooded bottom floor, we carved around in three inches of water, and managed some sick photos."

At Shalford Park, they also used a picnic table for their tricks (see photo at bottom).

Sick, indeed.


Wakeboarder Jack Hammersley wakeboarding in flooded parking garage; photo by Mark Roe used by permission


Wakeboarding at Shalford Park in Guildford, U.K., using a pulley system; photo by Mark Roe used by permission

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