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The Traveling Triplets manage to book vacations together despite their varied work schedules and long-distance relationships. Photo: Courtesy of Traveling Triplets

This you? Come write for GrindTV and tell us all about it. Photo: Courtesy of Kylie Turley/Traveling Triplets

See, the best thing about living the outdoor adventure/shred lifestyle is that you’ve always got a kick-ass story to tell. People tend to huddle around you on Monday mornings at work, asking where you ran off to at 4 p.m. last Friday. You Instagram photos of your latest battle scars, your packing strategy for a two-day bivvy in the backcountry, maybe a selfie with your toes hanging off the edge of some summit.

Your Twitter account is half John Muir, half Jamie O’Brien -- some gnar-naturalist blend of epic philosophy that struck you while camping 10 miles from anywhere and questions to fellow adventurers about whether you really can duct tape a surfboard ding (or an open wound, temporarily, ahem).

Thing that makes you the coolest person we know, though, isn’t just that you get out and get after it -- it’s that you’re more than willing to share your best tips (and deep thoughts) with friends. You straight-up inspire, rather than just inspiring jealousy (though, yeah, that’s kind of an inevitable byproduct). From sussing out superfoods to figuring out how to rehab a knee on the cheap, you’re the living, breathing epitome of the DIY explorer.

Working from a different kind of hime.

Desk, schmesk, amiriteguyz? Photo: Nick Langelotti

Basically, people like you -- active, mindful Millennials -- are the reason people come to GrindTV, and your stories are why they finally shell out for their first mountain bike or take a SUP lesson. So come work for us. We want to continue diversifying our voice, and we welcome story pitches across the whole outdoor spectrum, from fishing to first descents. We share our content across strong social channels and are the go-to for Yahoo! when it comes to the action-sports and outdoor-adventure spaces, so your words of wisdom have the chance to be read by millions. (Yes, seriously, millions.)

Got chops? Hit us up at contribute@grindnetworks.com. Include a link to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or whatever social-media site you’re obsessed with, so we can see some clips, and let us know what you’re interested in writing about. Tell us a little about yourself: how you like to play, what kind of media inspires you, what you dream of doing outside someday.

Let’s make a bigger campfire together.

If you have any questions, hit us up at contribute@grindnetworks.com