Video shows family reviving frozen kitten

A new video posted to the GoPro YouTube channel on Monday has gone viral, showing the frantic efforts of a family to miraculously revive a small kitten they found buried under nearly a foot of snow.

Branden Bingham was vacationing with his family in Bear Lake, Utah, on Thanksgiving Eve when snow started dumping on the area. Come Thanksgiving morning, Bingham’s family was relishing the opportunity to play in the fresh snow, until his oldest son discovered the seemingly dead kitten buried in it, frozen.

Thinking quickly, Bingham’s brother grabbed the kitten and brought it towards the house, only to realize it was barely clinging to life.

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After his brother brought the kitten into the home, rested it by a fire and performed CPR for an hour on its limp body, the family’s spirits waned.

“I truly believed that there was no chance,” Bingham said. “Everyone in the room was telling him that he should just give up.”

After over an hour, the unimaginable happened — the kitten opened its eyes. The family had been successful in reviving it.

frozen kitten rescued

After making a miraculous recovery the kitten, now named Lazarus, is back with Bingham and his family.

frozen kitten rescued

Lazarus is back to being a precocious kitten.

“I thought to myself, ‘We just witnessed a miracle,'” said Bingham.

In honor of its improbable recovery, the family named the kitten “Lazarus” after a saint that was famously brought back to life by Jesus in the New Testament.

The video of the cat’s revival has already been viewed over 3 million times on YouTube, and it comes with a happy ending: After temporarily being fostered by Bingham’s cousin Becca at an animal hospital, Lazarus was returned to Bingham and his family.

A new video posted Thursday to Bingham’s YouTube page shows that Lazarus has made a full recovery:

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