Wedding photo taken amid forest fire goes viral

wedding photo

Wedding photo resembling something out of “Gone with the Wind” has gone viral with photographer Josh Newton becoming somewhat of a celebrity. Photo from Josh Newton’s Facebook page

A wedding photo snapped with a forest fire looming—and resembling something out of "Gone with the Wind"—has gone viral and made somewhat of a celebrity out of photographer Josh Newton.

The backstory, just like the wedding photo, is pretty amazing.

wedding photo

Rhett and Scarlett from “Gone with the Wind.” Image from Wikimedia Commons

Michael Wolber was about to watch his bride, April Hartley, walk down the aisle at Rock Springs Ranch near Bend, Oregon, when a fire truck interrupted the wedding ceremony with sirens blaring.

A fire broke out six miles away and the bride's father tearfully told the wedding party and guests that they needed to evacuate, as per the instructions from firefighters, according to The Oregonian.

Moments later, the wedding coordinator came running into the ceremony with arms waving and saying the wedding could continue, but they only had 20 minutes. Apparently the firefighters had a change of heart.

"I've had a lot of surprises, being in ministry," wedding minister Liz Leavitt told The Oregonian. "But I have to say: I've never had this happen before."

As soon as the "I do's" were said, the wedding party and guests began quickly evacuating to a safer location. But the newlyweds stole away with Newton, who snapped some captivating photos of the couple with the Two Bulls wildfire in the distance.

CNN posted the story:

Newton used his cell phone to take the photo at the top and he posted it on Facebook where it (figuratively) caught fire. As of Tuesday afternoon, the photo had generated 91,532 likes and 9,173 shares.

The photo and subsequent photos generated plenty of interest with Newton appearing on "Good Morning America" and the "Today" show and CNN, among other media outlets.

wedding photo

Wedding photo taken on an empty highway showing the looming forest fire was also posted on Josh Newton’s Facebook page

"Seriously don’t understand how this is happening," Newton wrote on his Facebook page. "So thankful to all the firefighters and volunteers putting their lives on the line to stop this fire. We were really lucky to be able to take a potentially devastating situation and make it something incredible."


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