Whitewater carnage reel offers old lessons

It’s a new year, and it’s the perfect time to remind ourselves of old lessons we should be taking heed of. Case in point, the lesson offered in this year-old clip—i.e., performing like a badass (rockstar) feels great in any action sport, but it only comes with hours of failing like a dumbass. Yet the best medicine for hurt pride is laughing at it, dusting yourself off, and trying again.

The canoeists featured in this five-minute video contributed all their footage, displaying if not pride at least recognition of their screw-ups.

whitewater carnage

Chris Loomis, a year and a half after his carnage footage featured in the video by ChasingRain, launches over the lip of the famous Class V+ Gorilla Rapid on North Carolina’s Green Narrows. Photo courtesy Loomis

"The one commonality among all athletes regardless of how great or beginner is that we all screw up," says Chris Loomis, who offered a lot of the material featured in the video. At the time this video was posted on YouTube, Loomis was a relative beginner, perfect carnage reel material. Now, Loomis has his first North Carolina Green Race in the bag and recently reached Mexico along with two other canoeists for some potential first-descent missions.

"All sports are in some way silly. You know, connect yourself to some piece of equipment and throw yourself off a mountain or waterfall," says Loomis. "So if you take yourself too seriously you forget why we do these sports in the first place."

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