Wingsuit stuntman flies between two buildings

In the early morning hours over the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, two skydivers in wingsuits pulled off a daring—and very much illegal—stunt. They jumped off some sort of a motor-powered hang glider, flew toward two 460-foot buildings and zoomed right between them through a 26-foot-wide opening, or at least one did. The other seemed to veer off. The POV part of the video of the stuntman going between the buildings near the end is especially compelling. Watch:

The two are Norwegian stuntman Jokke Sommer and Frenchman Ludovic Woerth, and we assume Sommer was the one who split the buildings, identified as the Ventura Corporate Towers.

"It was more for me to do it just for the fun of it because I always wanted to do an urban wingsuit flight," Sommer told ABC.

"Once we knew we could actually do it, we just measured the distance from where we had to be dropped, at what altitude and how much the distance from this exact point to the building."

Sommer told ABC that he'd love to fly in New York City one day. "That is beyond my biggest dream," he said.

Here’s a thought: How about helping to open the Rio 2016 Olympics?