Yard resembles waterbed after heavy rain

Yard resembles waterbed

Yard resembles waterbed after hard rain; image is a video screen grab

A modest rainfall usually works wonders on a grassy yard.

But when it pours for hours on end, and dirt beneath the sod cannot absorb precipitation quickly enough, strange things can happen.

Sharon Jeffreys of Mt. Hope, Alabama, discovered just how strange after three inches of rain flooded the region last Friday.

After the storm cleared out, she ventured into her yard and found it to resemble a lush, green waterbed.

"That is just something," she says in the accompanying footage, which shows her walking across large clumps of waterlogged sod. (Jeffreys also posted the footage on YouTube, under the title, “Sharon Jeffrey’s sod surfing.”)

In the WHNT News 19 report, a spokesman for the Alabama Cooperative Extension System explains that the waterbed effect occurs when water fills a crevice beneath the sod, causing it to uproot and lift.

This sometimes happens as a result of a broken water pipe, the spokesman added.

Jason Simpson, chief meteorologist for WHNT News 19, posted footage of Jeffery's bubbling yard Saturday on Facebook, and it has since been shared more than 9,000 times. The story began to circulate this week.

Among the comments on Simpson’s page was this, from Bill Lockridge: “Had this happen at our baseball field one year. You can go to the edge of the ‘blister’ and puncture it with a shovel and the sod will lay back down. Just like you would a blister on your hand."

Stated Jeanie Box: "I'd be terrified of a sinkhole being here—you wouldn't get ME on that!!!"

Thankfully for Jeffreys, the sod has re-rooted and her beautiful yard is no longer acting up.

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