Young Kayaker Hucks Big Waterfalls

Although most 23-year-olds seem content skimming the Facebook newsfeed for kicks, Evan Garcia is not most 23-year-olds. He can regularly be found running the rivers near his home in Washington and making the plunge over 70-foot waterfalls.

To say that he’s calm when approaching the dangerous challenges of the sport would be an understatement. Maintaining grace through the harrowing moments is of the utmost importance according to Garcia, who describes trying to remain “relaxed enough to accept the fact that you’re going to drop off an 80-foot waterfall.”

Recently filmmaker Andy Maser linked up with Garcia to document his plunge off Outlet Falls, a 70-foot-plus waterfall near White Salmon, Washington for the short film, Huck. The clip documents Garcia’s experience preparing to run the river, with footage from the side of the fall and on a GoPro mounted to the kayak. Perhaps the courage with which he approaches the plunge will put the terror of 8% unemployment for kids in his age bracket into perspective.

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