Your next dream dive trip could literally involve sleeping with the fishes

Judging from the stunning website images revealing futuristic architecture and immaculate accommodations, the supposedly forthcoming Water Discus Hotel will be a cinch to garner a five-star rating. Or should that be a five-starfish rating?

The Water Discus Hotel, still in the concept stage but planned for construction off Dubai by Deep Ocean Technology, is being billed as the world’s largest underwater hotel.

Though much of the sprawling complex, including sun decks, bars, restaurants, etc., will be above water, rooms will be located beneath the surface and feature spectacular views of the marine environment, which includes colorful reefs and their inhabitants, and even large sharks.

Naturally, this Water Discus Hotels creation is expected to be a haven for scuba divers.

According to the website, the dive center features a sub-surface airlock, “leading divers straight into the ocean without the necessity to come to the surface, and a decompression chamber for training purposes and deep-diving excursions.”

Opening day and prices have not yet been established but this clearly will be for the very well-to-do. The dive center even offers three-person submersibles for deep-sea exploration.

The hotel will feature 21 rooms, all contained in an underwater disc, located about 35 feet beneath the surface. Basically, each room will be an underwater laboratory, with special lighting and “miniature underwater vehicles” that can be operated from inside rooms by guests who are interested in photography.

Above the sunken accommodation/bar disc is a series of satellite discs located at the surface. They contain a restaurant, spa and recreation area. The accommodation disc is connected to the surface satellites via glass-walled tunnels that traverse through a training pool for divers.

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Of course, above the surface is a sprawling swimming pool, where guests can take advantage of the region’s famous hot weather.

This type of experience, clearly, will not be for everybody. There are concerns about safety, but Deep Ocean claims to have addressed weather and safety concerns. It can raise the lower disc at the first sign of threat.

Also, sleeping with the fishes, while it might sound exciting, could take some getting used to for those who don’t like feeling closed-in.

But Deep Ocean Technology claims to have addressed that issue as well, stating: “A wide shaft with a view of the sky above gives a safe sense of spaciousness, minimizing any claustrophobic feelings some may experience while staying in an enclosed underwater space.”

It all sounds too good to be true, honestly. But if the creators of this project are going to be inviting journalists to be among the first guests, I hope they know where to find me.

–Images are courtesy of Deep Ocean Technology

–Hat tip to The Atlantic