411 Vol. 14 issue 1

Start the year off right with 411 Volume 14, Issue 1!

411 14-1 delivers another exciting addition to the 411 library with guest artist Todd Francis at the helm. Todd has been the lead artist for Element since 1999 and lends 411 his creativity for this issue. Starting off with another heart-pounding Openers segment, Chima Ferguson's last trick is sure to leave your mouth hanging. Though the days of winter are short, step into the sun with a bright and shiny segment of Chaos featuring skaters from DVS, Bueno and Zoo York. Then "Pack Your Duffel Bags" as we head up to Northern California to skate with Corey Duffel and watch Jaws tear up our presidential cabinet. Meanwhile, down south in San Diego, Marius Syvanen and Tyler Bledsoe show you the future of skateboarding as these young bucks go through their "Growing Pains" to give you a tasty skate part. Remember Jack Curtin from 411 Issue 59? Well "Jack's Back" as we head out to Barcelona for the summer to check in on him and drink some good Caf con Leche. And the traveling doesn't stop there. What's "Better Than Canadian Bacon?" Why, Billabong in Canada of course! Chad Bartie, Quim Cardona, Jereme Rogers and the rest of the team head up to our neighbors in the north to skate around and tear up the streets. Then, "The Teflon Don," a.k.a. Donny Barley, enlightens you on the true meaning of skateboarding then knocks you out with an amazing full part, featuring his friends on the Zoo York squad. If you've been craving more Donny since Toy Machine's "Welcome To Hell," then you don't want to miss this!

411 also brings you a World Industries Montage featuring Pat Duffy, Mike Peterson and Kurtis Colamonico, as well as the rest of the team in a preview for their upcoming video, "Camouflaged Suits." The annual Make-A-Wish Benefit held down in Texas is also covered with Terell Robinson, Jereme Rogers and Greg Lutzka blowing everyone's minds. In addition, the ongoing Versus Contest rings the bell with Round 3 as the remaining contestants get down and dirty with hopes of making it to the final round for their chance at $25,000. Your vote decides the fate of these gladiators.

In addition to the DVD, the 411 'zine gets better every issue with beautiful photos of all the riders and full interviews with Corey Duffel, Jack Curtin, and Donny Barley. You'll also get news about upcoming contests and videos as well as new products from Bueno and DVS. "What's In Store," a new article, spotlighting two stores, Caliskatz and The Finest who've been holding it down for 411 since day one. Haven't made a New Year's Resolution yet? Let us make one for you: "I will watch 411 all year long, starting with 14-1!"

Available February 7th, 2006 in skates shops everywhere!