5 Best Skate Videos from 2003

A lot has happened in a decade, but in the 365 days it took to make the year 2003, some of the raddest skate videos of my youth were released. I was thirteen at the time, the perfect age to get sucked into skateboarding even more than I already was, and these videos were a huge part of why it happened. Jamie Thomas, Andrew Reynolds, Arto Saari, Rick McCrank, and so many other names became common within my conversations. They were legends in my mind. But because so much has changed in the way skate videos are presented to us over the past ten years, I decided to take a nostalgic journey through YouTube and hand pick a few of my favorite videos from 2003 that I constantly had in my VHS player. To my delight, 2003 produced a lot of classics. From skate video sleepovers to watching certain parts in the morning before you’d go skate, these things used to be the only way for us to actually watch skateboarding and get stoked, and the fact that they weren’t nearly as accessible as they are now, is half the reason I believe they’re so timeless. So take some time out of your busy day and revisit some classics from 2003 below (in no particular order).

-Brian Blakely

Girl Skateboards – Yeah Right

Emerica – This is Skateboarding

Flip Skateboards – Really Sorry

Flip – Really Sorry 2003 by alxka

Habitat – Mosaic

DC – The DC Video