5 Notable All Terrain Skateboarders

There are a lot of dudes out there who can skate it all. You almost have to be skating everything these days to even sort of remain relevant amongst the crazy blur of web videos and Internet features that are fed to us daily. This isn't the case for everyone, but for others, mixing it up definitely doesn't hurt. There is something about a well-rounded part that really pleases the eyes. Knowing that some dude can Smith grind a handrail as good as he can Smith grind some pool coping is rad. They are the dudes who can and will skate every spot on every trip, and take a unique approach no matter what; less thinking, more doing; the perfect combination.

This list has no order, and there is probably another list of guys who should be mentioned all the same, but to me, these dudes are impossible to over look. Due to the Internet and YouTube, I was only able to find the random footage below to portray these specific individual’s all-terrain-ness, but if I were you, I'd suggest somehow watching all of their current parts to really get a taste of their well-rounded skill.

-Brian Blakely

Grant Taylor:

David Gonzales:

Raven Tershy:

Taylor Bingaman:

Elijah Berle: