Sixty Seconds: Marc Johnson

words: Kevin Craft
Photo: Ben Colen

What's the last thing that truly shocked you?
People. Every day people never cease to shock me.

If you weren't a pro skater, what would you be pro at?
I'd be pro at trying to live.

What's the most valuable thing skateboarding has shown you?
To think freely.

What were you in your past life?
In my past life I was a stockbroker in Chicago in the 1920s. I made a lot of mistakes with money, which have since been corrected.

What's the best thing about San Jose?

Off the top of your head, give Caswell Berry, Louie Barletta and Jerry Hsu new nicknames.

I'd call Caswell "Rarely," Louie "Never" and Jerry "Sometimes."

What's one thing you'd like to have back from the fourth grade?
The experience of third grade.

Last book you read?
The Bible. I found one of those Gideon Bibles in a hotel. I was reading Genesis.

What are you doing the day before leaving for a month-long tour?
Stressing over traveling and flying.

What's the biggest fib you've told your son?
He went to play in some flowers. He took a tall lily plant with a really thick stalk and broke it in half. Some weird nectar stuff came out and started dripping down the stalk. I told him it was the plant crying because he broke it. He went over to the plant and apologized to it.

If you were in a '70s cop TV show, what would your name be?

Tito Larue.