A Leo Romero Clothing Collection By RVCA

Leo and Hulk. There better be some clothes Hulkster size. Photo: Jimmy

Leo Romero is one of the most cutting edge skateboarders out there, and RVCA’s one of the most cutting edge clothing brands, so it only makes sense that they would get together, and they have been for some time. Leo, RVCA and TM Jimmy have been an item for more than a minute, featuring special appearances by creeptographer extraordinaire, Ed Templeton himself.

Now, the Costa Mesa duds dealer, and the Long Beach dwelling, motorcycle riding, handrail destroyer bring to you a signature collection. If you’ve always said to yourself, “Man, I wish I could dress like Leo.” Well, now you can with the release of the RVCA Leo Romero Signature Collection.

Plus, they put together a little video to get you hyped, and so you can see how the threads look in action. Word on the street is, as soon as you put some these things on, you can instantly grind up handrails. Check it out below, and after you watch the movie read the note Leo’s neighbor left him, it’s the most polite “Shut The Hell Up Note” I’ve ever seen.

Leo Romero Collection Commercial from RVCA on Vimeo.