Clyde Singleton’s “A Rapper Who Can Actually Skateboard”

Clyde Singleton, fakie flip
Photo: Jerry Cooper

A Rapper Who Can Actually Skateboard
Words: Clyde Singleton

Let’s be serious here. Since the days of Ya’ll So Stupid, and outside of Chris Gentry, and that random White dude from Boston who used-to sell weed. There really ain’t many rappers who can actually both skateboard, and rap without coming across as a complete loser ass weirdo in either one. The skaters who do rap are awful at rapping. So, check out the video below.

I mean, Jesus. That was really just. Just. Terrible. On so many levels. But, here's the catch; he can skate. Really good, I might add. Too bad he looks like a walking tattoo project.

The rappers that skate. You serious? Actually. Hopsin can skate, but he sucks at rapping. I mean. Ain't nobody trying to be a Black juggalo. Fuckouttahere with them weirdo raps, bra. Walking around with contacts, like we in a Thriller video. C’mon, man. Stop it. As I said, he can skate tho. Yelawolf can skate too, but I don't think i've ever heard him rap. Lets not also forget Fashawn can actually skate(really well), as well as rippity-rap his ass off (*ed. note: Pat Washington, as well). But, one thing that separates Fashawn, Yelawolf, Hopsin and what was posted on my Facebook wall this past week, Is undoubtedly, one of skateboarding and Hip-Hop’s highest moments to this date. This dude Bukue, never heard him rap. Good rapper. Never seen him skate. This dude done hauled off and did a damn front-foot impossible, while rappin' on stage! Check it out below around 3:15 in.

Now hold on. For anyone who does actually skateboard, we all can agree the front-foot impossible is in the top five of the hardest tricks category. It’s awkward. Dangerous. And furthermore, tears your shoes up. Especially the shoestrings. All kinds of shit going on down there. Not only did he do this trick live on stage while rapping. He also only had about two feet of space on each side of him, and it was goodnight for the crowd, the DJ, his ankles, whatever. In laymans term, If he didn't make this trick, it was a wrap. I'm sure I would've been writing some article on how it was a prime example of rappers shouldn't skate. Make fun of how he's not as good as me. And, how I get all these women in money thrown somewhere in there. But, no. This dude went and crushed my dreams. He made the trick, and kept on rapping like “What..?!" I truly salute this guy. Not only for hitting me with this footage. But, come to find out he came up skating under Ocean Howell, Ray Simmons and the homie Jason Rogers. As well as both touring, and managing Del the Funkee Homosapien for the last forever long. Case in point, this dude is far from some poser ass skate or hip-hop cat. Salute this man.