Ambiguous news

This past month has been a busy one for the team here at Ambiguous Clothing.

**At the start of the month we merged under the Rays Apparel umbrella. In a matter of one week we picked up and moved our offices and warehouse to the new location deep in the heart of Irvine. We will soon be commencing the Friday afternoon bubble BBQ and Basketball challenge- so brush up on your hoops and marinade skills.

**No sooner did Ambiguous change locations, we were invited to participate in the first annual Modus Otis event at the Orange County Museum of Art in Newport Beach.

Corey Smith, Ambiguous artist and snowboarder, donated a painting for the silent art auction. The piece, titled “Pre-calculus pick me up” created quite a buzz, I mean…… drew a lot of attention. See it on Corey’s website,

Dinner and drinks ensued. Ambiguous was the first of the boardsports companies to walk the runway, and one of the few companies to have team riders representing the brand instead of hired models. Matt Ball and snow team riders Corey Smith and Nima Jalali walked out, drinks in hand, looking quite nice, as well as guest model Amanda Owen who pretty much made the night.

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**While all this mayhem was going on, Braydon and Ragdoll were holding the fort down at the annual GvR contest. Congrats to the goofies.