Ambiguous In the East

Ragdoll, Matt Ball, Braydon Szfranski, and Paul Flores just returned from
New York were they did a demo, signed autographs, shot photos, and tore a
part the city. Our first stop was Amatuer Athlete in a little town in
Pennsylvania called Bethlehem. We flew into New York city on June 26th
arriving at 8:00 in the morning only to go check into the Hotel and drive
another three hours to get lost in Penn.

Then finally we made it to the
demo to see nearly 500 kids awaiting the arrival of Ragdoll, Matt Ball,
Braydon Szafranski, and Paul Flores. Despite the 95 degree heat and 95
percent humidity the demo was a huge success. They skated for a couple of
hours before they were swarmed for autographs for a couple more hours. The
kids were amped! Hours after the demo the kids were still following Braydon
around and trying to get the team to go skate the town with the them. All
in all the demo was fun, hot, far, and a good time for all who showed up!

The next day we had an autograph signing at Blades in the midst of New York
City. When we showed up the kids were out front of the store waiting. The
signing didn’t even start until 4:00, but one of the shop guys said the kids
were there waiting since 10:00am!

Besides just signing autographs, Braydon
played skate with the kids, Ragdoll bought the new Pig video
“Slaughterhouse” for the kids, Paul Flores bought a couple of the kids new
shoes, and Ball just spent quality time socializing with them all.
The next three days were spent skating around the city, shooting photos, and
causing trouble at night!
Look for Braydon Szafranski in BAKER 3 and Ball and Ragdoll in the friends
section premiering August 10th in Hollywood…

Matt, Braydon, Ragdoll and a happy kid

Paul hookin’ up the kids

The crowd

Paul in mid autograph

I’m in this video!

Ragdoll chillin with the children