Amerikan – The Pirate Ship Has Set Sail

San Clemente, CA June 17, 2004 – Gareth Stehr and DJ Chavez are the base of The Amerikan Project’s global skate team. Gareth Stehr hailing from New Zealand the land of mystical crystal air and rolling green meadows has a style that is stronger than a Gandalf spun spell. His wizardry on a skateboard is beyond imagination. Creative, fast, and massive clean tricks are his trademark. The style he carries is not just limited to skating. Gareth’ s unique individuality and couture is un-paralleled, setting an image that spans time and influences.

DJ Chavez is a rock star. What can’ t be said about this guy that relocated from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Hellrose, California. DJ carries himself on a skateboard like Quentin Tarantino shoots film. Dedicated, unpredictable and captivating. Pure Blue Velvet on a skate deck.

“Gareth and DJ represent The Amerikan Project to a T. Both of these guys are creating trends and styles that are unmatched. There influence is going to be injected straight into what we produce for the market” Gary Siskar, VP sales and marketing, The Amerikan Project “Celebrating the cultural antiquities of America is on the forefront of our brand focus. Finding athletes to represent and perpetuate the energies created by both pop and subversive movements is pretty tough. Gareth and DJ have what it takes, and will no doubt inspire our brand direction.” Eric Crane, VP of Brand Creative, The Amerikan Project.

Welcome to the family Gareth and DJ.

For more information on The Amerikan Project visit: 951 B Calle Negocio San Clemente,
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Or contact:
Rani Lu Mundell
The Amerikan Project Public Relations
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The Amerikan Project is an action-sports, youth fashion, apparel and accessory brand for men and women. Established in 2000, Amerikan has been spreading through the sub-cultural centers of the country, spreading the message through the emphasis of an individuals right of expression. The inspiration of The Amerikan Project comes from true Americana rebellion.