The Am’s Get Paid

This weekend was the Zoo York Am Getting Paid contest in Montreal and
what a great success it was!

An amazing turnout of 140 hungry amateurs from all over North America battling their way to the top and a total prize purse of $12,000US. A key highlight of the event was the street course that Orkus Skate Park built for the contest. All the skaters were pleased with the layout and it helped them put on a great show for all the spectators and media that came out for this event. Be on the lookout for coverage of this event in the near future in different publications and video magazines.. So this year the top 2 skaters were Es Footwear’s own Nyjah Huston (from California) and Jordan Hoffert (from Vancouver, Canada). 10 year old Nyjah is now officially the number one ranked amateur skateboarder in the world after winning Tampa Am earlier this year and now the Am Getting Paid contest. Believe me when I say this kid is a young ripper with great skills and you will see a lot of him in the future.

And what is a skate contest without a Best Trick portion? This year’s finale was the SOLO Mobile Best Trick Contest. We went around the park with $2000 US cash and gave all of the skaters another opportunity to throw down their best and make some money. After the contest everyone headed down to Am Getting Laid after party at the Fouf. World famous djs Cash Money, A-Trak, Skratch Bastid and Dopey kept the crowd hyped and in party-mode. There was even a mini-ramp session that went on the whole night in one of the rooms. The booze flowed into the wee hours of the morning and everyone had a great time…including some under age rippers who we will not name. It was hard to say goodbye to everyone after such a great weekend. But at the end of it all, we all had to go home. A lot of new friends were made and we’re so stoked to meet everyone.

Thanks for coming out


1) NYJAH HUSTON $5000us
3)THOMAS PARENT $1750 us
5) LEE YANKOU $300us
9)ERIC LEMAY $50us

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our amazing
sponsors. Without you this event would have been impossible! Thanks for
all of your support.

Zoo York
Solo Mobile
Es Footwear
Underworld Skate Shop
SBC Skateboard Magazine
Blind Skateboards
Von Zipper
Independent Trucks
Momentum Wheels
Orkus Skate Park
Expose Magazine
Vestal Watches
Under Pressure Magazine
Red Bull

Check in the next couple of weeks for
pictures, updates and a video clip. And if you would like to post the
event on your website, please feel free to contact us.