Andrew Reynolds delivered a 100 pairs of Emerica skate shoes to one lucky skater

What would you do with a 100 pairs of brand new skate shoes? This is a problem a stoked grom named Stephan must now figure out. The Boss himself Andrew Reynolds hand delivered a 100 pairs of Emerica Skate shoes to his apartment when he won Emerica’s Wild in the Warehouse contest.

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That’s a lot of shoes to win so we came up with 5 suggestions for Stephan and any other person who wins the shoes.

1. Donate them to those in need of shoes- It’s the obvious and probably the right thing to do. Keep a couple for yourself and donate the rest.

2. Stoked out your closest 99 best friends- Keep a pair for yourself and give the rest away to your buddies. Not only will you be a GREAT friend you’ll probably mke some new ones as well.

3. Hold a contest in your name- Go to your favorite skatepark and hold an impromptu Best Trick contest in honor of yourself. Not only would it be rad to have a contest named after you, from now on you’ll be the man at the skatepark overtime you go to skate.

4. Wear a different pair 100 straight days- Not the practical option but how rad would it be to NOT wear the same pair of shoes until February 19th of 2012?

5. Sell them online– We don’t advocate this option but hey if you need the money more than you need a 100 pair of skate shoes there is always selling them online on bay or something. It’s a lot of work but think how profitable a 100 pair of shoes will be?

Do what you will, but don’t forget to enter. The promotion continues through January 12th, 2012 so go here to learn how to win 100 pairs of shoes.