Andy Macdonald Joins VedaloHD Sunglasses

Skateboarding Legend, Andy Mac endorses VedaloHD Sunglasses

VedaloHD is proud to announce that Andy Macdonald, the 8 time World Cup Skateboarding prodigy is now "flying the Vedalo wings". Known to fans as "Andy Mac", Andy is without a doubt one of the best skateboarders to ever take on the sport having collected 17 X Games medals so far--more than any other skater. After looking through VedaloHD sunglasses, Andy Mac had this to say this,

"I was surprised at how crisp and sharp everything looked the first time I tried a set of VedaloHD's. I didn't think a pair of sunglasses could make such a difference."

2009 marks Andy's 15th year as a professional skateboarder. Career highlights include: a Guinness World Record that inspired the Big Air discipline in the sport, a U.S. Postage Stamp modeled after his likeness, and a visit to the White House to introduce President Clinton. Perhaps Andy's greatest achievements lie in his dedication to promoting a drug-free lifestyle and working with charitable organizations like Grind for Life. Andy is a beacon of light in the skateboarding industry where he champions independence, dedication and family values. He has even created his own brand, Positiv Skateboards, reflecting these characteristics. Andy has had Revolutionary Sight™ throughout his whole life, and finally has a chance to experience it tangibly through VedaloHD revolutionary technology. Andy is a perfect fit for VedaloHD and Vedalo is so excited to have an athlete with the amount of skill and class that Andy Mac brings to the table.

The VedaloHD difference is in its revolutionary HDL-3C lens technology. This sun filtering science is the proprietary property of Intercast Europe and is sold internationally by VedaloHD. The HDL-3C lens technology has been scientifically designed to increase visual performance by utilizing a tri-stimulus filtering process that is impregnated directly into the lens when it is built in Italy. This patented lens process increases visual acuity, color and color contrast to enhance differentiations whether you are on the ground, sea or air. Overall these lenses make everything incredibly more vivid and one only need look through the lens once on a sunny day to experience and appreciate this truly unique technology.