Andy Roy: SPoT 20 Year Experience

Andy Roy talks about the first time he skated the Tampa Pro, John Cardiel and more in this episode shining history on the best contest in skateboarding, which also happens to be one of the longest running. Coincidence? Nope.

Andy Roy visited SPoT in the mid-90’s, at the height of a heroin addiction and the beginnings of his stint with Anti-Hero. He takes us back to a time when Andrew Reynolds was frontside flipping the pyramid to flat and Cardiel was destroying everything in sight. Andy put his own beating on the course that year, and shares memories from Tampa in a way that no one has ever heard before.

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Skatepark of Tampa is celebrating 20 years of skateboarding. Countless memories have been created over the past two decades, and to help relive those experiences we asked 20 pros, ams, and industry leaders to share their SPoT stories with us.