Art exhibition breathes new life into broken skateboards

Eloise Dörr's Instagram is where the mixed media artist showcases her many projects. From skate decks and tees, to street art murals, one theme is consistent: skateboards.

Today, Dörr takes her work offline to a live show in London.

The solo, one-day exhibition, “Leftovers,” will showcase a selection of brightly colored, broken decks, selected and hand painted by the talented maven.

“I chose the medium of old decks because I love giving objects a new lease of life by making them into illustrative pieces, whilst also doing it as a collaboration between me and the previous owner of the board,” Dörr shared via Facebook. Each one is different and has it's own story, which is a theme I love in all contexts. I thought having these stories, as a collection in one room would make an interesting and lively show.”

“Leftovers” opens at Parlour Presents, 59 Hackney Road E2, tonight at 8 p.m. BrewDog is providing free beer.

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