asmith photos: Behind the Cover

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

Our newest issue came out and I was fortunate enough to have shot the cover. The time I shot this photo I had been going out with Nyjah for the past few days. Actually, he got a trick on the hubba, the main attraction to this school, a few days before this nosegrind. The rail had always had a kink at the bottom which is probably one of the main reason no one has ever skated it. Nyjah and his friend came to the school in the middle of the night and chopped it off a few days prior to skating it.

Seeing Nyjah skate in person is like nothing I have ever seen before. I’ve never seen him scared or stressed (granted, I’ve only skating with him a few times). Skating this 23 was like skating a 10 stair to him. All he needed was a few roll ups, his favorite music playing and boom, he grinds it first try. After the first go he 50-50d it a few more times, never messing up once. When he was ready to try nosegrind he looked at it a couple times, made sure everyone was ready and did it first fucking try. Although, this is one of those spots where you have to do it first try. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if you didn’t.

This is my first cover and the first trick I’ve ever shot of that magnitude first try. Not a bad day in my book.