asmith photos: Josh Harmony

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

Continuing from my last blog about Danny Garcia from our recent music feature, here’s some photos of Josh Harmony. I’ve known Josh for awhile and it was really great to have him apart of this.


Josh in his garage.


Josh and his old Ford Falcon.


Josh and his old Ford Falcon.


This was the first photo we shot for the article but the footage came out with his X-Games part.


Since the smith grind came out before our feature did we had to go get another photo. We went to this pretty gnarly out rail. It’s pretty intimidating but Josh hoped on it quickly. After THIS happened, Josh’s spirits were shaken a little. Shortly after the slam he handled like a man.


Here’s the photo from the land. I wanted to show that you had to ollie off to the side of the rail because of the bushes that are at the end. We ended up using the one above because he was slightly bigger in the frame, but I’m still hyped on this one.

Check back next Friday for more photos.