asmith photos: Josh Harmony

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

Josh Harmony is one of my favorite people to skate and hang out with. And between you and me, he was one of my favorite skaters growing up. So being able to call him up and shoot with him is very humbling. Here’s some photos of this talented guy.

Here’s the very first photo I shot of Josh. This was right after he had hip surgery, I believe. We stumbled across this spot while on a mission with Matt Bennett. He was a little nervous to grind this hubba but we pulled through like a champ like always.

Here is the following trick he did which ended up as a RVCA ad. Josh 5-0 180‘d this thing pretty easy.

Since I’ve been shooting with Josh he has always said he doesn’t want to limit himself by doing the same trick a few different times. There’s no need to stop grinding things because you’ve done it before. So here’s some photos of Josh throwing two trucks on a rail/ledge and taking it down to the end.

This was a Toy Machine ad.

So Josh is great and all but when he hit me in the head while trying this front blunt he became on thin ice with me!! Juuust kidding. It’s a all apart of the job.

This was such a fun photo to take. This rail is in downtown LA and we had to park the car down a few blocks and skate up. All I brought was my camera and one flash. This spot is a big bust but sometimes that’s fun. When we have to rush and try to beat security it’s exhilarating. This is no banger but when Josh did this 5-0 security was right there and we ran away right after. Fun stuff.

This is a spot in Long Beach I’ve always wanted someone to skate. Wouldn’t have thought a halfcab board back to switch would be the first trick I shoot on it though. Josh ate shit later while bombing the hill.

This smith grind is hair ball. It’s at that famous spot in LA where people go over a different rail. No one has really skated it this blue rail however. That is probably because there’s a fence right when you land. Somehow we were able to open the door on the fence but honestly it wouldn’t really help anyone. Right when you land you’ll still smash into the fence unless you’re able to land and make an immediate right turn to go through the door. Somehow Josh was able to do this. The footage really gives it justice. Good stuff!

Last but not least is this nosegrind. Josh was originally skating this rail in a line with a smith grind. Then on one try he gets to the rail and nosegrinds it first try without telling anyone. It was rad.

Besides being a great skateboarder Josh is an amazing musician. Check out this sample of his new album coming soon.

Also, remember this thing we made? Josh’s short documentary will be coming soon. I promise!

Check back next Friday for some more photos.