asmith photos: Mikey Taylor Photo and Video

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

Let me tell you a funny story about what happens a lot in skateboarding, but maybe not in the way I’m about to explain.

A few months ago I went to this double rail with Mikey Taylor and he noseblunted it. Both of us were hyped on how it came out. I believe one or both of us Instagramed while we were there.

That was a main mistake in this story. Now, we technology so accessible, you’re able to post anything in front of thousands of eyes instantly. This can be a blessing or something on the opposite side of the spectrum.

Our dear friend Sam McGuire, Etnies staff photographer and contributor to Skateboarder, saw one of our Instagrams. He got the idea to take Nick Garcia to this spot but first he did the polite thing and called Mikey to see what he did. Unfortunately Mikey was surfing at the time and was away from his phone for a few hours. When Mikey returned his call it went something like this…

Mikey: “Hey Sam, sorry I missed your call”

Sam: “No problem. I wanted to see what you did on that double rail yesterday”

Mikey: “Oh I noseblunted it. Why? What’s up?”

Sam: “……oooh shit.”

Mikey: “What?”

Sam: “I took Nick here and he just noseblunted it literally a few minutes ago.”

Normally two people doing the same trick isn’t a problem but Nick Garcia needed a “Going Pro” Element ad the next day. So the photo went to that before ours could get out.

Now, let me explain, no one is mad or bitter towards anyone in this story. It’s mostly funny because we’re all friends and Sam tried to check with Mikey before. After that happened, Mikey and I returned to the rail to get a different trick. While we were there, Sam showed up and brought us cinnamon rolls and apologized. He’s the man.

So what’s the world we live in now. If you Instagram the spot you just got done skating, one of you’re friends might come and do the same trick without knowing it. Mikey told me that if he could pick anyone to do that same trick as him, it would be Nick. He loves that dude. I agree.

“Cool story bro”

Mikey and DC were cool enough to let us use the footage. Check it out below.

Check back next Friday for my “Best of 2012 Blog Photos, Part 1”.