asmith photos: Pretty Sweet Midwest Trip Part 1

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

A little over a year ago I went on a trip with Ty Evans, Stevie Perez, Sean Malto, Chris Roberts and Justin Eldridge to Kansas City and Detroit (previously blogged with part 1 and part 2) . The trip was over an undefined amount of time where two weeks turned into three. It was super fun though. On the trip Ty did a lot of experimenting with different filming techniques, which all looked amazing! Below are photos from the KC part of the trip.

Sean Malto warming up with an ollie (most likely bailed but I think he was just throwing his board at the rail). Just like first tries with skaters, photographers first tries normally don’t look that spectacular. Case and point.

Malto sliding a boardslide pop out to fakie through the kink. Personally, I would much rather shoot a still photo than a sequence. This is one of those times where no matter what you do, a sequence will always look better. Unfortunately.

On the plus side of new cameras filmers are using is the amount light that’s needed to film at night. Finally photographers, with newer cameras, won’t have to set up flashes at night as much to catch that after black sequence trick. Like this boardslide to fakie shot with “natural” light. If your wondering about the flickering in the background, that’s what happens with normal street lights.

This was a torn down building we drove by one afternoon in Kansas City. Ty saw this fire escape and, only he could imagine this, cut it down to size with a jig saw and carried it over to the double set infront of the building’s destruction. When I say that take note it took a few hours and many many people to carry this thing. The thought of skating it still freaks me out. Sean 50-50‘d it with no real problem and lipslide it right after. It kinda reminds me of when I was a kid setting up ramps and obstacles to skate. Only this is the deadly version.

Ty is a genius, there’s no denying that. He figured out how to rig his van up to be a moving camera operator. Movie companies have special SUVs for this. Here’s Ty about to experiment with all the van gear placed on the ground.

Ty getting everything set up.

Malto and Ty getting ready for a few tests in Kansas City.

Malto grinding while the vans drives ahead.

Sean always smiling.

More tests.

High speed grinding next to a moving van.

Naturally the next trick is a nosegrind…?? Only Malto.

Sean had one nosegrind that he locked into so well that he grinded past the camera and next to the van. It’s hard to think you can lock into a nosegrind that well that you grind past a moving car. Again, only Malto.

Sean literally touched the car. A few tries later Ty actually fell out of the moving van and almost took his camera and Roger, who was on top of the van, with him. It was nuts! The footage was amazing!

Ty, the stunt driver Jlo and Malto checking out the footage.

Check back next Friday for more photos.