asmith photos: Pretty Sweet Midwest Trip Part 2

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

A little over a year ago I went on a trip with Ty Evans, Stevie Perez, Sean Malto, Chris Roberts and Justin Eldridge to Kansas City and Detroit (previously blogged with part 1 and part 2) . The trip was over an undefined amount of time where two weeks turned into three. It was super fun though. On the trip Ty did a lot of experimenting with different filming techniques, which all looked amazing! Below are photos from the Detroit part of the trip.

We drove up to Detroit to skate some spots and meet up with Adam Shomsky who owns a slow motion camera. Ty loved it.

The thing was tiny!

But unfortunately the thing had to be hooked up to a computer and generator to work. Also it could only film for about 4 seconds if I can remember. Besides all that the footage looked amazing.

Chris Roberts patently waiting to get sprayed with water.

Water spray complements of Sam Newman.

Water spray with the Detroit Skyline.

A few nights we took a bunch of fire works and blew them up in slow motion. These things were gnarly.

Justin Eldridge 360 flip through the smoke.

Malto mid explosion.

Check back next Friday for more photos.