asmith photos: Recent Published Nosegrinds

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

This week’s post is short but I’ll try to make it sweet. Currently I have two nosegrinds in circulation which is always a little weird. It’s not common to have two photos ran at the same time where two different skater are doing the same trick. Maybe it is and I’m just new at this. Anyways, here are the two nosegrind photos that are currently out in the world that I was the button pushed for. Also with the stories behind them.

First up is everyone’s favorite skateboarder Sean Malto, doing a nosegrind down a mellow 15 stair in St. Louis. I shot this almost a year ago. Wow time flies! I was on a trip with Ty Evans, Stevie Perez, Justin Eldridge, Chris Roberts and of course Malto. We drove from Kansas City to St. Louis to meet up with Randy Ploesser. Randy took us to some gnarly rails but nothing meet anyones fancy until this big boy. This rail is at a school so we came back at night and lit the whole thing up. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to nosegrind anything really long before but let me explain what happens. It’s really hard/scary to stand up straight and center your weight so you can make it the distance. If your board slips then you go falling to your chest. That’s why a lot of people lean out of that trick. That’s besides the point. So Malto was having some difficulty keeping his weight centered. He tried it for a little while. Then it started sprinkling which was not good. Just like the adrenaline you get when you’re getting kicked out of a spot and you have one more try. The same was happening here with the battle against the rain. Malto literally had one last try before everyone was too slick.

Let me get off on a tangent real quick. Malto and rain do not mix well. When he was a kid he was trying a trick into this empty pool in Kansas City. It started raining but he kept trying. He stuck on the nollie big spin heelflip, I believe it was, and slipped out slamming his face and teeth into the ground. He knocked out a few teeth and lodged a few more into the top of his mouth. He had to go to the hospital and the whole nine yards. It was gnarly! So my point of telling you this is when something like that happens you don’t forget it. When Malto sees rain I’m sure that’s one of the first things that goes through his head. For him to be able to pull off this nosegrind is not only a gnarly trick but also a gnarly mental overcoming.

Back to the trick at hand. Malto nailed this nosegrind just minutes before it down poured on us. It was a miracle we were able to get everything in the van before we were drenched. This photo is in our newest issue. Look closely when you have it infront of you because you’ll be able to see the rain drops in the upper left side where Malto is. Good stuff as always Sean!

This photo of Josh Harmony doing a nosegrind pop into that bank was taken up in Malibu. We shot this specifically for Josh’s new RVCA ad. Shooting for an ad as a photographer is great! There’s no shopping the photo around and waiting for it to come out. It already has a home you just have to shoot it well. This spot is right off the PCH surrounded my multi-million dollar beach front homes. The spot is pretty gnarly. You have to ride down the bank on the right, ride across a little ledge that goes over the gap in the middle (not shown in photo), and then pump up to the top, do your trick, ride down the left bank, drop off the ledge, and continue ridding into a sewer pipe (which I am photographing from). Josh did the nosegrind with a little trouble but nothing unexpected with the conditions. After he landed it we all walked through the sewer pipe a couple hundred feet to the ocean. Not a bad day at all.

Check back next Friday for more photos.