asmith photos: Toy Machine in Kansas City Part 1

Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

Back in 2010, just after I moved to California, I was offered an opportunity to go back home to Kansas City with a few Toy Machines guys. Toy has always been one of my favorite companies, so I jumped at the chance. They were finishing up filming for Brainwash and this was one of their last trips.

Matt Bennett loyal pawn.

Leo Romero pushing up to a warm up spot in Lawrence, Kansas.

Leo 5-0 against the wall and window.

Dan Lutheran tuckered out.

Jordan Taylor mid board catch.

Dan Lu always hyped.

Johnny Layton and Dan Lu.

Johnny taking it easy in KC.

Leo mid grind.

Matt Bennett halfcab boardslide to fakie in the River Market of KC.

Jordan Taylor fakie flip into the bank. I’ve never seen anyone really skate it like this. Going fakie into this is gnarly!

Johnny sticking and breaking on a switch 360 flip. Johnny came out swinging right when we got to this spot. Normally, it’s a big bust but somehow he had time to set up another board and give it another shot.

Johnny switch 360 flip as seen for his last trick in Brainwash. If you can remember, right after he lands this he slams into a bus. One of the tricky things about this spot in the bus stop at the end of the landing. I think we were getting kicked out or something made Johnny try it knowing the bus was there. It seemed like he was a little surprised he landed it and didn’t want to jump off so he just smashed into the side of the bus. Doing so he cracked a rib and was out for the best of the trip. Pretty gnarly!

Check back next Friday for the second half of the trip. More blog posts below…