Words and Photos: Aaron Smith

Here’s another batch of randomly selected skate photos from the archives. The photos span from 2008 to 2010 and from California, Kansas City to Atlanta.

I was at this spot with Daniel Shimizu while we was working on a trick. He tried for awhile but wasn’t able to pull it. He did this ollie afterwards when the light went down and we all we just hanging out.

Johan Stucky, one of skateboarding/The Berrics rising stars doing a frontside hurricane. I’ve known Johan for about 4 years, when he use to live back in Florida. He’s a good kid. He actually was the first person we housed when my girlfriend and I moved out to California. I’m really happy he’s “coming up” in skateboarding. Always love watching him skate.

This was a weird day. Jason Hernandez (Nike filmer) hit me up on a Saturday around 2 or 3pm and told me he was with Wieger Van Wageningen at a school about an hour away from where I lived. He told me Wieger was trying a trick and they didn’t have a photographer. So I dropped everything and rushed up to the school hoping he wont land the trick before I got there. Luckily he didn’t. Wieger backtail the inside of the ledge as seen in the Nike Chronicles video.

Kellen James bombing a hill in Atlanta.

Sean Malto fakie 5-0 a ledge in Kansas City. It’s really rare to see Sean struggle with a trick. This was one of the few. I think it took two trips to get this. Which by anyone else’s standards that’s getting off easy. This ledge would be so hard to fakie 5-0. Good job again on this one buddy.

I use to live with Kris Markovich and his whole family when I was interning in California in 2008. That’s a whole other story saved for a different blog post. Anyways, here’s Kris showing in Atlanta replicating what his drivers license photo looked like. Yeah, he pulled his hair out just like this for his license photo. Pretty sick.

Here’s Kris doing a stalefish over the boobs at the foundation spot in Atlanta back in 2009. It always amazed me how good Kris was and still is.

This is a pretty gnarly street gap. Do you all remember how Kris is known for skating fast? Well, this was really hard for him to go fast enough to clear, so I think that’s saying something. It was really cool watching him ollie it though.

Check back next Friday for more photos.