Being StuckinOhio is not so bad

Ohio is an amazingly lush state. Within hours you could be snowboarding or surfing, the wooded areas are prime for Bmxing and skate spots abound especially in cities like Cincinnati and Columbus. To the outside observer, mostly those from coastal towns, Ohio seems bland, with very little to do and being stuck there seems like a nightmare. That’s how the locals like it; it keeps people out of their spots. Because anyone who is from Ohio or spent a long stretch there knows there’s no place else they’d rather be stuck.

No one knows it better than the Stuck In Ohio Crew who love all sides of action sports, as you’ll see in their video, but focuses mainly on skateboarding. The crew is centered around two brothers, Ken and Dan Mizicko. As their profile explains, “For this contest, we decided to bring it back home and shoot exclusively at the house where it all started. Pavement is scarce, but we learned a long time ago that wheels will roll on more than just concrete. Shredding is more of an effort in our neck of the woods, but we can hardly call it work when it is this much fun.”

It’s these kind of videos that really stand out and exemplify The Chosen Crew mantra of not just showing great skating but also giving the world a look into where your crew is from and what makes them tick. You can’t help but watch these guys do their thing in the middle of nowhere and think, “These guys are great; I’m feeling their vibe.”