Blueprint’s Tales Of The Black Glove

Blueprint skateboard’s Make Friends With The Colour Blue was one of my favorite videos of the year this year. Artistic filming and editing mixed with a killer soundtrack and the amazing architecture of Europe in the background; just a pleasure on the eyes. Not to mention, the skateboarding on point too.

The British skate brand also made one of the best internet shorts this year as well. Make Friend’s With Marty, aka Marty Murawski’s introduction to Blueprint, was also on point. Along with the .Dylan movie one of the best one person world wide web videos of the year.

Well, Blueprint is back with Tales of the Black Glove which covers the team on their UK movie tour for Make Friends With The Colour Blue.

So check out: Paul Shier, Mark Baines, Colin Kennedy, Nick Jensen, Danny Brady, Neil Smith, Chewy Cannon, Marty Murawski, Kevin Coakley, Tom Knox, Tom Harrison and more. As they get their skate on throughout the United Kingdom.

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