Bos Angeles

First, introduce yourself and tell us how the video came about?
Well my name is Matt Dao. I’ ve been living in Long Beach California now the last 2 years. Before that, I lived in Lowell Massachusetts (near Boston) for about 10 years. When I lived in Mass, I’d always visit Long Beach to skate. I’d always tell my homies back east about the guys I’d skate with out here(CA) and vice versa, like, “your going to hear about this kid for sure,” or “oh man this guy did this down so and so…”. After I moved out here I’d always watch footage of my homies in the east coast and send them footage out the kids out here and it just seemed like a good idea to put all of my friends into 1 video.

How did you come up with the name?
I was just messing around at work one day, writing stuff down, trying to come up with something that would tie to 2 scenes together and I finally came up with “Bos Angeles.” From that moment on, I told everyone I knew I was making a vid called “Bos Angeles”, half Boston, and half L.A. and everyone liked the idea.

Introduce us to the guys in the video.
Well you might not have heard of any of these guys but they’re comin’ up quick, so watch out!
From Boston we have Dave Bachinsky, I’ve known Dave forever, he’s come a long way and he can skate anything he wants. Next is Alex Gorodourous, he’s a smelly, annoying, kid from Maine who has skills of a veteran pro. Lastly for the east, we have Manny Santiago. How can I explain Manny? Fearless, consistent and energetic. From L.A. we have John Rademacher. When I first met John R. like 5 or 6 years ago, he was doing switch back tail bigspins in lines. He was good the minute he stepped on a skateboard. Next is Josh Walker. Josh has so much pop and style for miles. Last is Kyle Carruth. Kyle can do the most technical tricks with ease. I’ve never filmed anyone who gets footage as quick as this kid does. So you know those random kids you see just killing spots, and you have no idea who they are? Well, these are them.

Who else can we expect to see in the video?
Theres a Black Mike(R.I.P.) memorial part …There’s 2 long friends sections with some special appearances from Scott Kane, Darrell Stanton, Evan Hernandez and even footage from homies all over the world like Roberto Dos Anjos from Brazil, Jake Duncombe from Australia, Bjorn Johnston from New Zealand, and William Phan from France.

Did you come across any problems while making the video?
Aside from the average police and security run-ins, and injuries…my truck got broken into and I had 2 cameras, and a bunch of tapes with footage for the video stolen. so some of these guys have footage that never made it. Also, the day after I made the master copy, my computer crashed. If it had happened 24 hours earlier, this video would have never happened. I would’ve probably scrounged up stuff from the tapes but some of the stuff was not replaceable.

Were you relieved when it was finished?
Yeah definitely, it was a ton of hard work.

What are you plans now?
Well I’ve got a million ideas for videos but one thing I really want to accomplish is this split video with my friend John Berry. He filmed all Scott Kane’s stuff for the Bootleg video. He also made his own video a long time ago called “Fools” I still watch it to this day. It’s a classic. John Berry is the one who made me want to film and edit in the first place. I’d go to his house and see little montages he edited that were so tight, it made me want to do it too.

Any last words or shout outs?
Yeah…Don’t steal people’s video cameras..
don’t steal at all. If you want something, work hard, and buy it with your own money. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all the skaters and everyone who helped me, because I sure as hell didn’t achieve this on my own.
Thanks to Justin Hogan, John Berry, James Wilschke, Ryan Dearth, Charley Feher, Charles Wray, Peter Karpick @, Scott Taylor@ SkateboarderMag, and lastly all the kids who’ve supported the video. (This video is dedicated to Michael K. Green R.I.P. )