Birdhouse Update

With Spring upon us, the Birdhouse team is gearing up for a big summer of traveling and filming. Already many of the riders are on the road working hard. Steve Nesser is currently in Tel Aviv, Israel shooting photos and filming. Steve had only been at home in St. Paul, MN a few days before leaving for this trip, but he managed to open up his shop Familia – Congrats to Nesser for following through on a dream, best of luck.

A large portion of the team is on the road right now, traveling through the Southwest USA. Aaron Suski, Brian Sumner, Anthony Shetler, Jon Goemann, Brandon Westgate and flow rider David Loy have been traveling east on the I-10 getting it done. The am’s competed in this years Phoenix AM contest; Brandon, Jon and David placed 7th, 19th and 20th respectively. While the trip is primarily a filming mission there will be one demo and signing. Held at Fast Forward in the greater Dallas area.

Willy Santos’ is working hard to put together a great video part – his part is shaping up extremely well.

Shaun White and Tony Hawk have been skating a ton lately filming for the video. Shaun right out of his gold medals at the Olympics, is back on wheels and shredding.

Be on the lookout for new graphics out soon, and keep posted on team information at

Seamus Deegan

Team Manager

Birdhouse Skateboards