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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – In three separate and unrelated incidences this past week, professional skateboarders Brandon Margera, Tony Hawk, and Jamie Thomas all ran into trouble with the law

Brandon A. Margera
Known simply as “Bam” to his fans, is a professional skateboarder with board, shoe, and sunglass sponsorships. He is also the star of his own prank-oriented TV show on MTV, “Viva La Bam,” where he pulls pranks and gags on friends and family members. Bam may have pulled his last prank as of Wednesday, March 30, when he visited the White House.

Margera, along with sidekicks Ryan Dunn and Brandon DiCamillo, were on a typical tour of President Bush’s home last Wednesday when they thought what was going to be funny, ended up seriously damaging the doors to the Oval Office. Video surveillance cameras showed Margera, Dunn, and DiCamillo stray from the group and shoot Black Cat bottle rockets down one of the hallways. The drapery that was surrounding the door caught fire and singed the rear entrance to the Oval office.

They are now charged with Trespassing on Federal Property, Destruction of Federal Property, and Endangerment of The President, although Bush was not in his office at the time of the incident. The three bonded out, but face up to 11 years each in Federal Prison.

Tony Hawk

First it was Pamela and Tommy Lee, then Paris Hilton, and now famed skateboarder, Tony Hawk, with a hot sex tape potentially being released on the market. Sources emailed AP with a link,, but the link was forwarded to another adult site, owned by Vixen Films.

Hawk, who gained international notoriety for his famous 900 spin on a skateboard, now has some more spinning to do with his image. He owns Birdhouse skateboards, a brand specializing in graphics geared towards younger kids. One parent said, “I’d rather buy boards with images of marijuana on them than support this type of perversion.”

Richard Seeman, spokesperson of Vixen Films, who claims to have possession of the only copy of the tape, stated, “The tape is for sale, and we’re hoping that Mr. Hawk comes up with the right price. Vixen wouldn’t mind sponsoring THUG 3 either.”

And finally, on a more somber note, the Vatican has filed a lawsuit in California Court. The civil suit charges Jamie Thomas, professional skateboarder and born-again Christian known for skateboarding on handrails, with “misuse of the crucifix” and “blasphemy.” The Pope has not commented on the situation, but is asking for an undisclosed amount of money for the Church, reportedly in the millions of dollars range.

Monsignor Diez of the Mother Mary Church of God in Ventura stated, “Mr. Thomas has taken this thing too far. We at the Catholic Church are all about the children, not the money. We only ask for 10% of your earnings. Mr. Thomas’ misuse of the crucifix is just too much, including the one tattooed across his chest.”

Thomas, owner of Black Box Distribution, distributors of Zero and Mystery Skateboards, and Fallen Footwear, was unable to be reached, but an insider has told AP that he denies all charges.

These three savvy professional skateboarders may have gotten out of some scary situations with handrails and loop-de-loops, but it’s up to the legal system to determine their current fates.